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"Welcome to MGS Slash!"

This is a comm for fanfic, fanart and discussion about slash and femmeslash (same-sex and/or gender) pairings from the Metal Gear universe: old-school Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, The Twin Snakes, Metal Gear Ac!d, Ghost Babel, the Digital Graphic Novel and the other comics, the Snake Tales, the audio drama, the novels, even Snake's Revenge - you name it!

If you already know this and just came here for something to read, start by going through the Tag Archive (links to all currently posted entries) and Memories (new entries are no longer being archived).


1) This comm is for MGS slash. Because there are so few fic and art communities for MGS, the posting of genfic and gen fanart is allowed under the "relevant to my interests" rule. That said, fanworks focusing on a single character are a sort of grey area for the purposes of this comm, so always consider (cross)posting those to mgs_fanworks.

All slash/femmeslash pairings are welcome. Please respect other people's favourite pairings, and understand that simply being sour about your neglected OTP isn't likely to incite others to give it attention. Do not bash characters, either in pairings (this extends to het too) or by themselves. Also, while there is less femmeslash on this comm than there is m/m slash, that doesn't mean that we don't like it. We do like it. We love it and want it.

2) Tag your entries. The most common criteria for tagging are the medium (fic/art/etc.), pairing, rating, the year your post dates to, and the game you're drawing upon. The larger number of the applicable tags you use, the easier it is for your post to be found later on. If you need a new tag, ask one of the mods (preferably oudeteron since he has nothing else to do anyway) to create it for you.

Tying in with this, be clear about labelling. For example, this canon never got the memo about the world only needing one Snake, so don't forget to tell us which of them is featured in your post unless it's automatically evident. You might also want to specify the game, particularly if it is one of the non-canon instalments that not everyone may be familiar with.

Rating: (SFW/NSFW and why)
Warnings: (if applicable, warn for common triggers)
Word Count:
Author's Notes:

3) Do not “warn” for slash. This applies mostly to fic headers, but goes for any other part of your post as well. Some people (including yours truly) find the idea that there's something inherently warn-worthy about slash offensive, and that's not to mention how redundant pointing out that there's slash in your post is in a comm designated for the slash. So just don't. The only warnings you need to use here are warnings for potentially triggering content as a courtesy to other members. (Some common triggers include portrayals of non-con, extreme violence, abuse, hate speech/hate crimes, etc. If you're posting something that might be triggering but you're not sure, err on the side of caution.)

4) Justify, justify, justify! If you can convince me it's on topic, it is!

5) Try to avoid being unpleasant. This can be condensed into the following:
- No flaming; if you have criticism, don't make it destructive or insulting.
- No personal attacks (this includes accusing someone of not being a “real fan” because of XYZ).
- No endless poking fun at bad fanworks (try fanficrants for your daily dose of badfic ridicule) without offering an alternative to them.
- No character bashing of any sort.
- NO UNSOLICITED POSTING OF ADS. If you believe your ad is particularly relevant to the comm's interests, PM a mod and convince them first.

Also, never assume things you can't possibly know about our members – this comm is open to everyone, and posting diatribes with the sole purpose of generalizing about what people's fic preferences totally say about their age/mentality/gender/background/favourite food/etc. is one of the few things that can earn you a ban around here (depending on how obnoxious your diatribe is. Being snickered at is almost a guarantee). This is part of the “avoid causing wank and blatant trolling” rule.

6) Put extremely violent, triggering, or very sexually explicit content under an LJ-cut, and label the post accordingly. Conversely, since this community as a whole has been flagged with LJ's generic “adult concepts” filter, make sure to check the “No Adult Content” option when making a post that contains none and would correspond to a G/PG rating. This will make your entry viewable without it being stamped with a warning that doesn't even apply to it. (Correction: I logged out to view the comm and this doesn't actually work so don't bother.)

Cut any large images to spare flists. Spoilers should be cut without exception until three months after the release of the game they pertain to.

7) Let members of this community see what you're posting. If you link to your personal journal, make sure the entry you are linking here is public; don't force people to “friend” you just so they can read one story of yours. Similarly, when posting an art link without embedding the picture itself, ensure that your link does not lead to a host that blocks viewing by non-members (such as pages marked “adult” on dA or almost any page on y!gall. The censorship is on the side of those providers and should be taken up with them, not with this comm).

8) Do not change your entry's format just to make it look “different”. This means don't pick funky colours or enlarge your font, and don't use graphics settings to override the community layout with e.g. grey text on dark grey background. “Consistency is the refuge of the unimaginative”, yes, but browsing through the comm should be easy on the eyes. (There are some reasonable exceptions to fancy formatting like when you post fanmixes and such but don't abuse this loophole.)
If your entry is reformatting somehow on its own, check out LJ's FAQ for troubleshooting or try switching to a different editor for the post (Rich Text has been known to cause some problems that HTML doesn't).


- Slash (and gen-with-slash-subtext) fanworks, including but not limited to fanfic, fanart, doujin drawn by other people, fanvids, icons, fanmixes/soundtracks and cosplay.
- Essays and meta in general, character-based or story-based. You may let your fannish speculation run free, though what is especially encouraged on this comm is character and/or relationship analysis. Of course, you're welcome to set yours in context of the series or one particular game, or focus on the plot and how it influences a given character's life/choices/what-have-you. There is no such thing as too in-depth or too obscure, so fire away with your thoughts!
- Discussion posts. The same standards apply for this as for essays and meta, only this time you don't have to write all of it yourself.
- Translations. A good example would be translations of the official PW drama CD, just because there is no way that doesn't deserve a spot here.
- Actual audio, images or video from the games, particularly when it's related to slash pairings. (This includes subtext, easter eggs and shameless fanservice.)
- Soliciting help collaborating on a directly-related project, such as a fic or doujin or, hell, even an audio drama. But go into detail and have a plan in mind.
- Advertising for communities WITH MOD APPROVAL. This has been changed from "allowed" to this following a slew of spam posts. If you are interested in being affiliated with this comm, PM the maintainer BEFORE you post anything of the sort. Belated PMing and asking for that extra special exception you know deep down you should get will have the unintended effect of getting the mod in question to judge you.
- Introductory posts, but do try to give them substance beyond “I see you like Metal Gear and so do I” - some good topics to bring up in an intro would be your history in the fandom, your favourite characters/pairings, or you might just go ahead and start a discussion about the metaphorical significance of Raikov's underwear. Something.


- Fanworks predominantly or exclusively focussed on het. (We don't mind if your fic/art/whatever has het in it, but the central focus must be the slash.) You can post your hetfics and your het art to mgs_fanworks.
- Simple walkthroughs, considering there's plenty of places online where you can find those already. You may, however, ask for help finding a particular subtexty conversation or getting that MGS4 kiss scene.
- Obvious spam. Example: a crossposted link to a post on a different journal bearing a gigantic slew of icons for various fandoms, three out of which are MGS related, and of which two are gen. We're only interested in the slash icons, so just drop them into the post itself, behind a cut if there's a lot, and give us a link telling us where to credit.
- Any bashing of characters, pairings or real life people, for whatever reason. This is a big one, so I'm reiterating. (Again.)


LJ: oudeteron
The easiest and fastest way to reach me is via LJ's private messaging feature. I'll give out my AIM on request too if you want. Contact me if you need tags, have any questions/criticism about how the comm is currently being run, et cetera. Don't contact me demanding to be exempt from the rules after you broke/didn't read them, for those messages will be ignored.

LJ: fireholly
AIM: Fireholly99
Skype: Fireholly99
Yahoo!: haboism
Email/MSN: haboism[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

LJ: saphrawn
AIM: iimonodana
Email: saphrawn[at]gmx[dot]de


metal_gear - General MGS comm.
mgs_fanworks - For fanworks (het, slash and gen) in general.
capslock_mgs - For crack and stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.
mgs_clichefic - Clichefic challenge.
mgs_fanbook - Fanbook project.
mgs_kink - Kink Meme.
fissionmailed - MGS Dressing Room (for roleplaying).
mgsicons and mgs_icons - Icons.
mgs_pchat - Pchat application for those interested.


There's a monthly occasional challenge here, for fanfic and fanart. You can read the rules here! Challenges are in the process of being restored to a somewhat regular format; the approaching "big" one is Secret Santa Simulation 2011. Sign-ups have now been completed.

And if you're not sure how to post fics on the comm, please look here. Recently, we instated a system to help people ask for and reject concrit, so please look at them too. Thank you!