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Umm... Hi. (What Could Possibly Go Wrong: ch 1)

I'm sorta new to both the fandom and the community, so uh, I hope this doesn't leave a bad impression that my first fic is an AU. Whoops.
Errr, I also have this problem with just going on random hiatuses, as well as abandoning fics from time to time because I just run out inspiration and motivation. So this MAY be one of them. Sorry in advance OTL

Title: What Could Possibly Go Wrong
Pairings: DavexHal
Rating: PG (for now...)
Summary: As a SCP employee, Hal has seen it all. But there's something about the new SCP that really takes him by surprise.
Note: Sorry if this isn't exactly spot on to every little SCP detail there is. I was originally going to write another AU, but scrapped the idea and jumped to this one, without doing any research whatsoever or having prior knowledge on the subject. I promise I'll do that and make sure each detail is as accurate as possible.

Read the fic right hurr
Tags: au, pg, snake/otacon

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