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Cycle 13? Challenge Entry: Fanfiction

Cycle 13? Challenge Entry: Fanfiction

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Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov - ceiling light
Title: Iletosa
Pairing: Volgin x Raikov
Theme/Genre: creation
Rating: maybe PG, if even.
Notes: blatant bullshitting of electrical knowledge Thanks to imre_nico for the beta. :3

Military meetings can wait. For now, they're on an impromptu and well-deserved break, situated atop a plastic floormat and comfortably leaning against each other. Raikov securely grasps Volgin's hand and lets his own finger hover above a piece of paper.

"Okay, go ahead."

The shock is light enough to be only slightly painful, and Ivan drags his fingertip along the pristine white surface, leaving a charred trail in its wake. Tiny bits of ash cling to his nail when he pulls back and relocates; the electricity peters out until he nods again. Another stroke, another line; his skin is starting to get a bit too hot, but it's nothing he can't handle.

Three more sweeping curves, a rectangular group of blackened touches -- a tree, with leaves of fingerprints and surrounding grass of quick scratches. A low thrum of energy pulses through his arm, and his muscles grow achey. Just a quick rest: a half-handprint could be a stormcloud. Raikov presses his palm to the paper just as the Colonel sneezes. The page ignites; Ivan leaps up with laggy muscles and stomps out the flames with sturdy boots.

Frowning, he turns around and regards his commanding officer with a hands-on-hips glare.

"That," he remarks, leaning down to briefly bring their mouths together, "was entirely your fault."

    • He should offter fingerpainting classes for all the soldiers at Groznyj Grad.
      • I believe he already does.

        How else did they decorate that torture room in rouge? 8D
  • *dies*

    Wonderful! XDD
  • Loved it. :D
  • I really like the innocent feel of this. It's so childlike, which contrasts charmingly with the casual violence of the characters' lives. (If violence can be said to be charming at all, that is, but I think you know what I mean.) ;) Does Volgin put the pictures up on his refrigerator afterward? Super cute!
    • Aww, thanks!

      Hey, it's the "ultimate form of expression"...or whatever. XD Ocelot's kinda *special.*

      Oh, totally. On that little fridge on the second floor of Groznyj Grad. XD
  • Impromptu, ma belle. XD In my defense, you added that after I beta'd!

    I like the sensual sweetness of this, and insight into Volgin's indulgence and Raikov's innovative artistic bent. It resonates with how I interpret their characters. Really good stuff.

    Here I will add my requisite and traditional plea for longer fic from you.

    • Fuck, and I actually know how to spell that one. *fix* Thanks for pointing that out. XD;

      So glad you like. XD Your interpretations = practically canon to me.

      Ivan's really the one running Groznyj Grad. It's that whole "BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN IS A GREATER WOMAN" thing but without the feminist stain.

      DDD: *claws at the air for longficidea*
    • VolginART. XD

      omg, your icon *laughs*
  • Love!
    .... And now I need a new fic idea, would you believe it... ^^;;
    • Love~~ <3

      ^^;;; Sorry for accidentally stealing your idea. Great minds think alike! 8O *joins forces with you and conquers the world*
      • No apology needed - you were a zillion times more creative with it (no pun on the challenge theme intended); I was just gonna have paint. :P

        And we should totally conquer the world one weekend; it'd be great for killing some time!
        • XD;;; Aww, that would've been cool, too, though. They could've given each other cheek-tattoos with paint! :D

          ":< it washed off"

          Oh, definitely. Killing time or killing entire species...one of those.
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