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It's Been A Long Time Coming

Title: It's Been A Long Time Coming (Part 1)
Pairing: Solid Snake/Otacon
Rating: R (eventually gets to NC 17 in later parts)
Concrit Level: Ocelot. I'm hoping for some feedback on pacing, general plot elements, and characterization.
Summary: Snake feels like joining Philanthropy was the change in his life that he was looking for, but there's still something missing, and it takes the events of the Big Shell for him to realize what he's been wanting all along.
Notes: As not to flood this community too much, I've just posted part one of this for now. There are three parts written total; all three can be read at AO3 here:

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[Fanfiction] Coffee Cup

Rating: G
Words: 2092
Characters: Kazuhira Miller & Big Boss
Summary: If sleepless nights spent doing exhausting paperwork are what it takes to be second-in-command, Kaz is willing to do it, no matter how painfully tiring it can be.

Author’s notes: This isn't really a slash fic, but it's highly focused on Kaz and Snake's building relationship, so I thought it might be relevant to share here as well!
This takes place about a month or so after Snake recruits Miller. It highly helps to have listened to the Peace Walker Drama CD, but it’s no big deal if you haven’t. It’s set in late 1972, or early 73, however you wish (South American summer, basically). In my interpretation of how things went from there, Kaz just worked as a mercenary for Snake, although more actively than other recruits, but didn’t make his way as second-in-command right away. Also, he probably still felt competitive towards Snake (that part wears down with time though, as we see him more respectful towards Snake in Peace Walker than in the Drama CD). That’s where the idea for this small one-shot came from.
And I suck at giving titles to things.

Read on AO3 - - Tumblr

( Coffee Cup )

So far so good? (spoiler free GZ update thingy)

It seems a bit dead around here
which is funny since GZ came out a few days ago (I think it comes out worldwide tomorrow... idk)
Anyways, for those who have it and are playing it (or have already beaten it because you are just skilled like that)... what do you think of it? And how long do you think it will take until TPP comes out?

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Yeahhh... I'm sort of putting off the SCP AU for a bit. Shocker, right? Anyways, this AU is probably one of my favorites I have ever done (since it involves outer space and I am SUCH a sucker for space). This one will most likely update more often, since I actually have a feel for what I'm doing this time and a buttload of inspiration and kick to keep updating. Hopefully this will be a fairly long fic, since I hardly write multi-chapters anymore.

Title: Across the Universe
Pairings: DavexHal (more to come... maybe)
Rating: G (since this is just the prologue. I plan on making it M later on though)
Summary: The universe has become a dangerous place, full of power hungry species. TIGERs, a special force of teams of 'outer space cops', helps prevent any takeovers or alien induced apocalypses. The Odysseus, one of the best teams, includes Dave, a legendary war hero, and Hal, a computer tech and hacker. Together, they make an unstoppable team amongst their fellow crew members.
Notes: Much to my chagrin, I'm going to have to make some OCs for this thing. I'll try to make them as 2-D and important to the story as I can.

Link to Fic

Umm... Hi. (What Could Possibly Go Wrong: ch 1)

I'm sorta new to both the fandom and the community, so uh, I hope this doesn't leave a bad impression that my first fic is an AU. Whoops.
Errr, I also have this problem with just going on random hiatuses, as well as abandoning fics from time to time because I just run out inspiration and motivation. So this MAY be one of them. Sorry in advance OTL

Title: What Could Possibly Go Wrong
Pairings: DavexHal
Rating: PG (for now...)
Summary: As a SCP employee, Hal has seen it all. But there's something about the new SCP that really takes him by surprise.
Note: Sorry if this isn't exactly spot on to every little SCP detail there is. I was originally going to write another AU, but scrapped the idea and jumped to this one, without doing any research whatsoever or having prior knowledge on the subject. I promise I'll do that and make sure each detail is as accurate as possible.

Read the fic right hurr

Challenges @ mgs_v


You can leave a prompt, in the comments, with an idea you’d like to see made into a fanwork, and someone may come along and do that. It is also a collection of prompts you can read for inspiration. (You can comment anon of course, anyone can comment).


If you have a LJ or a DW or you are interested in making icons (I personally use my DW one in here too, but that might just me being speshul), then you might want to check this cool little thing:


The themes:
main: peace, negative space, !, close crop, desperation, covered in text, sin, the end, orange, two images
category theme: heavens divide 5
artist’s choice: five icons of whatever you want

Hope someone else is interested! Just trying to spread the word. I won’t bother you for a while after this. Promise. <3